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Selling with Blue Fern


It's all about people. Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs, dreams and aspirations. That's why Harcourts Blue Fern's people not only receive in-depth professional training which has become recognised as the benchmark for the entire industry, but they are committed to building meaningful and genuine relationships with their clients. And the huge volume of referrals and repeat business that generates is proof that this combination works to everyone's satisfaction.


We are absolutely committed to quality and first class service. We are motivated more than ever to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to selling your home. We know that real estate clients want to deal with consultants that have knowledge, expertise, honesty and integrity, and are committed to achieving the best possible result for them. Above all they want to deal with real people - that's why we put absolute focus on creating a relationship of trust and respect with all our clients. We've found that this philosophy is great for achieving personal satisfaction, high morale and continued success.



We can give you piece of mind that you are dealing with a brand you can trust. For the seventh consecutive year, New Zealanders have voted Harcourts their Most Trusted real estate brand, making Harcourts the only real estate brand to achieve this honour since the award’s inception in 2013.

Blue Fern's Auction Advantage

Aaron Davis  Award Winning Auctioneer



Aaron Davis is an auctioneer with a passion for calling auctions and negotiating deals. Famous for stirring up apathy; he believes his job starts when the bidders say no.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the real estate game, Aaron combines his  experience with a wealth of negotiation skills and award-winning charm to get properties sold for his clients. He works closely with vendors, real estate agents and potential buyers to ensure everyone is well prepared for auction day.

Aaron has a dream to be Australasia’s best auctioneer, and with a competitive nature is committed to doing everything in his power to get there. He is currently the New Zealand Auction Champion for 2019 and has consistently been a finalist in the Harcourts National Auctioneering Championships, having won the title three time. 

If you’re looking to sell your property, call us and sell your home with Blue Fern and the top Auctioneer in New Zealand. 




Selling FAQs

What price can I achieve for my property?

The price of your home must be right. Too low and you lose money. Too high and you lose buyers. That’s where the intimate local market knowledge and expertise from your Harcourts marketing consultant comes in. You can discuss the sale price of your home with a Harcourts sales consultant who can use recent sales and market data to determine the best price for your home, also 
Harcourts property appraisals are free!


How do I choose a sales consultant?

Take the time to choose a qualified and knowledgeable sales consultant who has the right tools and strategies at their disposal. When speaking with a sales consultant don’t be afraid to ask 
questions to make sure you trust your consultant and to make sure you’re confident they have the experience to sell your home quickly and for the best price. 


What can I do to best prepare my home for sale?

There are a few tips you can employ to prepare your home for sale, these include: De-clutter. It is crucial to also get rid of clutter that could stand in the way of a potential buyer picturing themselves within the home. Repair. Make any aesthetic repairs well before inspection. Things as small as a chip in paint in an interior wall could detract from the overall feel for the home. Style. Once clutter-free, consider using a home stylist or home staging service. The results can be dramatic. Photograph. Before even getting to your first home inspection, consider using a professional photographer to take quality, well-lit pictures of your home. 


How long will it take to sell my property?

Buyer interest is greatest for your property within the second and third week of its entrance into the market. After this, interest falls away quite dramatically. To maximise this window of opportunity your Harcourts sales consultant will design a marketing programme that peaks during this prime period. Your property will have the highest profile for this vital time. 


What are the benefits of holding an open home?

Open homes are one of the most effective ways of marketing a property and attracting interest from a wide variety of buyers. Some of the advantages are that you have plenty of time to ensure your property is tidy and ready for inspections, you can control the viewing times and open homes can create plenty of activity, even in a slow market.

The sales consultant’s time is put to best and most effective use. They will have the opportunity to talk to numerous people about your property as comments from open home visitors can provide feedback on price, presentation, sales appeal, etc. 

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