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James Ryall

James Ryall

Your local expert


You can’t beat local knowledge and I know the local property market inside out. Living in and loving our local area as I do makes selling the benefits of living here easy. Your place is my place too! 

  • 13 years experience
  • Hundreds of home sold


Having lived in West Auckland his entire life, James has an extensive insight into the needs, values and unique requirements of people in the area. " I sell and promote a lifestyle that I personally enjoy and understand, so it's never just a job for me, and I believe that is why I can relate to people from all walks of life".


"My goal as your Real Estate Professional, is to deliver a unique and high standard of service which is unequalled in the industry. As a home seller you can benefit from my experience, and together we can develop a strategy that will set your home apart from the competition."


James believes that the real estate industry is about people not property, and with this in mind he is able to understand the needs of his clients and recognise the importance of ongoing communication throughout the home-selling process.


"Selling your home can be a painless and profitable experience if we both put in the effort. It is a co-operative venture where we both share the same goal, to sell your house quickly and to obtain the highest price possible."


James plays an important role in his neighbourhood and gives back to the community that has supported him over the years. James and his partner provide support through direct donations to local charities, sponsorship, and voluntarily giving their time to community groups.


For professional real estate advice, give James a call today.


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A Selection of James' Sales

1/10 Sumich Place, West Harbour    25 Misty Valley Drive, Henderson     37 Regents Park Place, Massey  
143 Metcalfe Road, Ranui    25 Durham Street, Te Atatu Peninsula     79 Triangle Road, Massey  
32 Napuka Road, Henderson Valley    9 San Bernadino Drive, Henderson     8 Scowns Way, Glendene  
28 Summerland Place, St Heliers    1/6 Butterworth Drive, Glendene     13 Gunner Drive, Te Atatu Peninsula 
42 View Road, Henderson     6 Rosewarne Crescent, Glendene     3 Vitex Lane, Henderson  
47 Farquhar Road, Glendene     9 Atkinson Road, Titirangi     83 Kervil Avenue, Te Atatu Peninsula
8 Pitcher Place, Glen Eden     21 Carlas Way, Ranui     128 Matipo Road, Te Atatu Peninsula  
36 Holly Street, Avondale     4 Kiernan Place, Kelston     25 Mulvaney Crescent, Henderson  
5 Neesons Way, Glendene     37/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     17/45a Swanson Road, Henderson  
45 Cliff View Drive, Green Bay     19 Sabot Place, Ranui     1/89 Owairaka Avenue, Mt Albert  
30 Zefiro Drive, Massey     12 Universal Drive, Henderson     13 Beach Road, Te Atatu Peninsula  
243 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay    15 Ali Place, Ranui     45 Seymour Road, Sunnyvale  
18 Sarona Avenue, Glen Eden     14/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     31 Carlas Way, Ranui  
62 Royal Road, Massey     4 Rush Creek Drive, Massey     2/226 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu South  
62 Flanshaw Road, Te Atatu South     16/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     44 Misty Valley Drive, Henderson  
47 Farquhar Road, Glendene     11a Rangeview Road, Sunnyvale     16a Millbrook Road, Henderson  
107 Flanshaw Road, Te Atatu South     12/1 Piriti Drive, Te Atatu Peninsula    14a Millbrook Road, Henderson  
19 Bellringer Road, Massey     10 Lucienne Drive, Ranui     4 Sabot Place, Massey  
23 Addison Drive, Glendene     4/31 Lucienne Drive, Ranui     1/1 Brougham Place, West Harbour  
6 North Piha Road, Piha     68 Ruze Vida Drive, Massey     1 Vadam Road, Massey  
35 Archibald Road, Kelston     1/86 Roberts Road, Te Atatu South   29 Onewa Road, Northcote  
1 Angeline Place, Massey     29 Ranui Station Road, Ranui     24 Mackenzie Street, Te Atatu South  
68 Flanshaw Road, Te Atatu South     151a Bruce Mclaren Road, Henderson    8 Oberon Place, Avondale  
68 Harrington Road, Henderson     25 Mildmay Road, Henderson     17 Harbour View Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula
6 Killygordon Place, Massey     12 San Domingo Rise, Henderson     37/352 Swanson Road, Ranui  
10 Kawaka Street, Titirangi     7 Rangeview Road, Sunnyvale     11 Huntaway Lane, Te Atatu Peninsula   
16 Faram Place, Henderson     10/94 Glengarry Road, Glen Eden     5 Jillian Drive, Ranui  
10 Neesons Way, Glendene     11 Regents Park Place, Massey     17 Ward Crescent, Te Atatu Peninsula  
19 Bellringer Road, Massey     122 Matipo Road, Te Atatu Peninsula    62 View Road, Henderson  
31 Rangeview Road, Sunnyvale     57 Totara Road, Te Atatu Peninsula   3/50 Glen Road, Ranui  
6 Battlen Place, Manurewa     7/1 Piriti Drive, Te Atatu Peninsula     14 Virgo Place, Glen Eden  
8 Devon Street, Te Atatu South     13 Chelmsley Avenue, Henderson     2/24 Flanshaw Road, Te Atatu South  
39 Brashier Circle, Glen Eden     22 Onedin Place, Titirangi     740 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula
54 Kervil Avenue, Te Atatu Peninsula     222 Edmonton Road, Te Atatu South     74a View Road, Henderson  
10 Arodella Crescent, Ranui     40 Newington Road, Henderson     205a Metcalfe Road, Ranui  
554 Don Buck Road, Massey     4 Borich Road, Henderson     100 Gloria Avenue, Te Atatu Peninsula
45 Brashier Circle, Glen Eden     54 Kervil Avenue, Te Atatu Peninsula     6a Shetland Street, Glen Eden  
53 Jadewynn Drive, West Harbour     1/5 Akehurst Avenue, New Lynn     18 Illana Place, Ranui
10 Thomas Rea Place, Te Atatu South    50 Sherwood Avenue, Te Atatu South     11/17 Harbour View Road, Te Atatu Peninsula
11 Brookwood Drive, Henderson    76 Luanda Drive, Ranui     98 Tirimoana Road, Te Atatu South  
15 Doone Place, Massey    42 Cedar Heights Avenue, Massey     23/94 Glengarry Road, Glen Eden  
35 Lynwood Road, New Lynn    55 Redwood Drive, Massey     10a Jarrach Place, Massey  
14/2 Arawa Street, New Lynn    2/40 View Road, Henderson     33 Misty Valley Drive, Henderson  
8 Karika Place, Massey    109 Keegan Drive, Massey     13 Legacy Drive, Henderson  
2a Gallony Avenue, Massey    38 Triangle Road, Massey     17 Eyre Street, Henderson  
1 Imperial Place, Henderson    10 Glen Marine Parade Glendene     3 Carn Place, Manurewa  
88 Universal Drive, Henderson     6/103 Seymour Road, Sunnyvale     99 Universal Drive, Henderson  
10 Garton Drive, Massey     235 Great North Road, Henderson     16 Lasque Place, Glen Eden  
3 Amberley Avenue, Te Atatu South     2/18 Akehurst Avenue, New Lynn     24 Merlot Way, Te Atatu South  
107a Woodglen Road, Glen Eden     7 Guinness Place, Massey     16 Sarajevo Place, Massey  
293 Blockhouse Bay Road, Avondale     12 Chapman Road, Te Atatu Peninsula     11 Zingaro Place, Massey  
3/52 Tudor Road, Henderson     36 Regents Park Place, Massey     21 Cedar Heights Avenue, Massey  
29 Onewa Road, Northcote     1/2 Griffiths Place, Te Atatu South     66 Albionvale Road, Glen Eden  
1 Vadam Road, Massey     1 Willowbrook Place, Titirangi     2/144 McLeod Road, Te Atatu South  
3/219 Don Buck Road, Massey     44 Carlas Way, Ranui     44 Royal Road, Massey  
4a Ascot Avenue, Henderson     11 Gunner Drive, Te Atatu Peninsula     3/94 Glengarry Road, Glen Eden  
39 Lavelle Road, Henderson     47 Kauri Loop Road, Oratia     4 Dovey Place, Massey  
24/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     14 Seymour Road, Sunnyvale     10 Vodanovich Road, Te Atatu South  
41 Harmel Road, Glendene     38/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     1 Brougham Place, West Harbour  
84 Waimumu Road, Massey     3 Rangeview Road, Sunnyvale     4 Sabot Place, Massey  
55 Amberley Avenue, Te Atatu South     18 Waimumu Road, Massey     41 Vinograd Drive, Te Atatu Peninsula  
90b Colwill Road, Royal Heights     23 Holly Street, Avondale     36 Waitaki Street, Henderson  
40 Cedar Heights Avenue, Massey     43 Kona Crescent, Henderson     14/172 McLeod Road, Te Atatu South  
3 Butia Avenue, Henderson     11/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     Gb/8 Crown Lynn Place, New Lynn  
22 Merlot Way, Te Atatu South     24 Carlas Way, Ranui     2a Porter Avenue, Te Atatu South  
30 White Heron Drive, Massey     42 San Valentino Drive, Henderson     25 Brookwood Drive, Henderson 
19 Roberts Road, Te Atatu South     554 Swanson Road, Ranui     7 Longview Rise, Massey  
58a Titoki Street, Te Atatu Peninsula     2/522 Te Atatu Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula     2/9 Nikau Street, New Lynn  
51 Neil Avenue, Te Atatu Peninsula     7 Elder Place, Massey     7 Hiseman Lane, Henderson  
9/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     13 Dolbear Street, Titirangi     19 Madigan Place, Glendene  
227a Hepburn Road, Glendene     1 Luanda Drive, Ranui     47 Newington Road, Henderson  
8 Neesons Way, Glendene     10 Highlight Parade, Te Atatu South     54 Don Buck Road, Massey 
2/28 Karepo Crescent, Ranui    1/230 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson    3 Coupland Court, Glendene 
9 Cretian Crescent, Henderson      2/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     16 Faram Place, Massey  
8 Harrington Road, Henderson      6/352 Swanson Road, Ranui     3/352 Swanson Road, Ranui  
180 Great North Road, Glendene     2/54 Arawa Street, New Lynn     9/17 Harbour View Road, Te Atatu Peninsula