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Zareena Khan

Zareena Khan

Zareena’s passion for property started when she purchased her first investment property in 2003 and now she is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals with regards to property.

Her personal experience in buying and selling properties, dealing closely with the council with regards to resource and building consents while relocating, subdividing and managing the construction of her own house, using labour contracts, has given her new insights to the building industry. She is always willing to share her knowledge, resources and quick and easy DIY’s that will add value to a property.

Zareena graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from The University of Auckland and worked as a Biomedical Engineer in various hospitals in Fiji and New Zealand for 16 years. Her attention to detail, working to tight deadlines and communication skills are an invaluable asset in real estate.

She believes communication is the key to successful negotiations and will keep you informed all the way through. Trust and transparency also builds better relationships.

She has lived in West Auckland for the last eleven years and speak fluent Hindi and Urdu. She loves fishing, cooking, gardening and spending time with her husband, two children and granddaughter in her spare time.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling your own house, investment property, section or have any questions about your own projects, then please do call her as she has been through these processes personally and can understand, value and appreciate where you are coming from.


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